I’ve always admired the portraits I’ve seen in the museums, people’s houses, books, and first and foremost my family photos. I was so aware of their importance and it seemed to me, these people were telling me all their stories, while I was looking at them.

I still adore the power of the portrait itself. In my teenage years, I was painting them all the time. I could only dream of owning a camera then, so I created them the only way possible, by pencil or brush and paint.

I finally bought my first camera in my 20s and I stayed true to my big love, photography, ever since.

Today I create in different genres of photography, but capturing portraits is still my favorite.

Whether I capture them in studio, in nature, at weddings or other venues, they are always so special to me. When you step in front of my camera, be sure that I will capture all the beauty/handsomeness of your soul with your outside image. Your portrait will be captured for you, for your family, for your friends, for the future … you will recognize the power of it, when you look at yourself on it.

And there is my other side, the creative, artistic side, experimenting with light, expressions, fabric … where limits are endless and creating is the only energy leading me. You can cross your comfort zone and express yourself in total freedom with me and have your inspiring pictures for your every day reminder to be brave in your life.

Call me and we can chat and find out what experience is best for you at this moment … I look forward to create special photographs with you … for you.